Meal & Recipe Index

"1" and "2" =  South Beach Diet phase for which the meal is appropriate.  Note, I often use full-fat cheeses which is technically a no-no.  Please use your own discretion if following the SBD.  The numbers are simply here as a guide.

"V" = vegetarian (or can be made vegetarian)

Muenster, spinach, onion omelette (V, 1)
No-Egg Southbeach Breakfast (celery, PB, & cottage cheese) (V, 1)
Open-faced portobello egg sammy (V, 1)
Salsa Scramble

Mediterranean Tuna (1)
Snobby Joes (V, 1)
Hot dog lettuce wrap (1 *Find a lean meat hot dog if you're on the SBD, technically this is a no-no.)
Turkey lettuce wrap (1)
Lettuce Tacos (1 -only if using lean beef)

Bleu Cheese Turkey Salad (1)
Turkey Arugula Salad (1)
Chicken Salad (1)
Super yummy arugula, zucchini, fresh mozz & chicken salad (1)
Restaurant Style Salmon Salad (1 without pita chips, 2)

Celery & cream cheese (V, 1)
Greek Yogurt & nuts (V, 1)
Roasted Garlic Hummus (V, 1)

Steak with roasted garlic aioli (1)
Wine Braised Chicken (1)

Meatless Mains
Lasagna Zucchini Boats (V, 1)
Whole-Wheat Veggie Pizza (V, long-shot 2 - if you use whole-wheat flour and low-fat/less cheese)

Mock Mashed Potatoes (Cauliflower)  (V -if using veggie broth in lieu of chicken broth, 1)
Roasted Zucchini (V, 1)

Sugar cut-out cookies (V)
Peaches & cream pound cake (V)

Homemade body products
Guacamole Scrub (V)