Saturday, August 20, 2011

Millions of peaches...

Every grocery store/farmer's market I've visited recently has had MILLIONS of peaches.  Ok maybe not really millions but lots.  And peaches are great.  I've had to hold myself back from giving into every sale now that they're in season.  When I saw this Martha Stewart recipe for peaches and cream pound cake, I knew I just had to make it.  And CREAM! because pound cake totally needs more fat added on top, right?

I wasn't happy with the pound cakes in the store (soybean oil in the ingredients, really?) so I decided to make my own.  (Always making things more complicated...)  I really liked the idea of using cream cheese in pound cake (and I had some in my fridge that needed used up) so I gave this recipe a try over at Smitten Kitchen.  You really don't taste the cream cheese but the texture is just delightful.  And yes, the almond extract is worth it (if you don't have it on hand already).

You can click on the links above for the recipes but I'll walk you through the process below.  I halved the recipe for the pound cake and used a loaf pan.  It was the perfect amount.

1. Flour and butter your loaf pan.   Mix the butter, cream cheese until its nice and smooth.  Then add the sugar.

2. Add one egg at a time.  I read on different pound cake recipe that the eggs should be at room temperature.    Next add the almond/vanilla extract.  I also added some lemon zest.

3.  Add in the flour and sugar.  I used 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour (so 1/3 of the flour since I halved the recipe) to make the cake marginally healthier and it still came out great.  Also, I sifted the flour before mixing.  Not sure if this is necessary but I feel that baked goods tend to come out better when the flour is sifted.

 4.  Mix everything until well combined.  Try your best to not eat the batter. ;)

5.  Bake!  Be careful with the temperature.  Mine browned very quickly on the outside.  My oven tends to be finicky so that could be why but just keep a close eye on it.

6.  While its baking, slice your peaches.

Pound Cake!

7. Layer whipped cream, peaches, and ... I decided to throw in some blueberries.  I whisked the whipped cream because Martha said so but I have a feeling using the mixer would've been MUCH easier. 

I sliced the pound cake into 3 pieces and had 2 layers of whipped cream and fruit.  I was almost tempted to leave it like this because it was so pretty!


 Its excellent with coffee.  Treat yourself for breakfast :)

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