Sunday, August 7, 2011

A few victories...

The past week or two have been sort of huge.
1. My Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology was officially posted to my transcript!!!  Currently waiting for my licensure applications to go through.  HUGE victory.
2. We officially have a new apartment this Fall.
3. My boyfriend turned 28.
4. I abstained from sugar, starches, and alcohol for a whole 2 weeks.
5. Bake sale was a success.

All of this of course deserved some celebratory wine/beer.

So, my boyfriend and I headed to Northstar Cafe to celebrate all the wonderful things happening in our lives.  For those of you who aren't in Columbus (or are living under a rock somewhere in Columbus), Northstar Cafe is a magical place.  Its the place that encouraged and ended my vegetarianism. 

Once upon a time, the thing to get at Northstar Cafe was the veggie burger.  In fact, its still  highly recommended.  I promise, its not like ANY veggie burger you've ever had.  Made with black beans, roasted beats, brown rice, and some sort of insanely delicious addictive agent.    My boyfriend even said it was better than any REAL burger he had ever had.  Fancy that.

Around the time, I had my first Northstar veggie burger,  I became a vegetarian.  It was easy for me.  I didn't like meat all that much anyhow.  However, I did really miss burgers.  Northstar Veggie burgers usually did the trick until...

Fast forward to 2011. Northstar opens up a new restaurant at a big shopping mall --Easton.  The new Northstar featured a larger menu and broader alcohol selection.  One new thing on the menu.... <drum roll please>...  the Northstar Cheeseburger with Niman Ranch beef --house ground.

Boy, was my mouth watering.  After years of never being tempted by meat, I just HAD to try it.  After reading about Niman Ranch and their ethical practices, I warmed up to the idea even more.  One night my boyfriend decided to order it and offered me a bite.  Cooked medium, it was so juicy and delicious that I just wanted to "roll it around in my mouth" to savor the flavor.  Think of it as the gateway drug to other meats.  That day ended my vegetarian days.

Northstar Cafe also introduced me to Bell and Evans chicken.  I recommend the slow-roasted chicken sandwich with avocado.  The fish sandwich is another one of my favorites.  Also worth noting are the fries.  Think McDonalds-style but way better.  Also go there for breakfast and order their pancakes.  Order it all.

My favorite evenings are Northstar nights with some good magazines, good company, sammy of some sort, wine, and an after dinner cookie/coffee.  Their cookies are for splitting btw.  Giant and rich.  
Northstar encouraged my vegetarianism AND my return to meat.  How many restaurants can do that?  


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