Thursday, August 25, 2011

Famous Ice Cream

Keep your Lady Gaga and your Katie Holmes, William & Kate... etc.  I'm into local celebrities.  And recently, I got to meet one of the BEST Ohio celebrities (IMO), Jeni Britton Bauer.  Owner of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams and author of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home.  I was so star struck that I honestly couldn't tell you much about the moment, but I DO have a picture to prove that the event occurred.

Here is Jeni telling her story and answering questions :)  She was great!

They gave out mini-macaroons at the book signing.  I LOVED this size.  Wish they had these in the store.  If i ever make these, I'll probably do the mini's.  I had never tried the macaroons before and boy were they delicious!

This ain't any ol' ice cream truck.

The book :)

You have absolutely no idea just how excited I was by the idea of Jeni's ice cream in my own home.  

So I was ecstatic when a friend graciously offered me her extra ice cream maker.  I immediately invited a fellow Jeni ice cream enthusiast to try it out.  We occupied our boyfriends for a few hours with the Xbox. 

This was their table.  How cute.
My friend chose the flavor, and boy am I glad we went with that one because it was aaaaaaaamazing.  And this flavor is not in Jeni's stores so it was truly a special treat.  I didn't gain permission to post the recipe so just go buy the book, seriously, its worth it.  Honestly its more than a cookbook.  The book is beautiful and is full of background stories about the vendors from whom she gets her ingredients from.  Truly phenomenal.  Buy it.
Ok, ok.. so what was the flavor?  

Toasted Rice Ice Cream with Coconut and Black Tea

Using Snowville Creamery Milk is a MUST.  
Best milk ever.  Jeni uses it in her shops.
This was the rice-black tea- coconut concoction.  It needed to cool before we whipped it into ice cream.  

It was so yummy, I couldn't stop licking the bowl.

Makin' Ice Cream!!!

Seriously, at this point, I might as well be president, or Queen of England or something.  Thats how much power I feel like I have now that I can make ICE CREAM IN MY HOUSE.  :D

At the book signing they gave away these Jeni's containers and labels.  (Did you know, they still handwrite all those labels at Jeni's?  Pretty cool).  We did it!

Sadly, we didn't plan ahead and didn't even finish making the ice cream until 1 AM.  Which means we didn't get to eat the ice cream 'til the next day because it needs to sit in the freezer for a few hours.  The next morning however, I had a wonderful bowl of ice cream for breakfast :).

Only downside was that it wasn't very scoopable upon leaving the freezer.  My friend suspects too much water content.  Considering that this recipe required us to manage the coconut milk and ice cream base, an error in water content isn't too surprising.  The flavor was phenomenal though!!!  As much as I want to make this again, I'm excited to try some of the other flavors first :). 

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